Samir F. Castilla Acevedo

Samir Castilla

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Learned Engineering Expansion Phase 2, Room 2447
1536 W 15th St.
Laurence, KS, KS 66045


Samir is a chemical engineer with a master's degree in chemical engineering, with +5 years of experience in research in wastewater treatment by advanced oxidation processes and heterogeneous catalysis. He also has a wide experience in the direction of research works at the undergraduate level and with knowledge of analytical techniques such as FTIR, UV-VIS, HPLC, GC, and atomic absorption spectrometry. With skill in the writing of scientific articles, technical documents, and research projects in both Spanish and English (Upper-intermediate) and with a basic German proficiency (Beginner). With capacity for the timely application of the knowledge acquired in engineering and basic sciences to solve problems, relying on his ability with the management of engineering and office software to optimize the work to achieve goals and agreed objectives, creative, with the capacity to innovate and with excellent social skills with which it achieves a fast adaptation work environment. At the Allgeier group, Samir will work in a project that comprises Advanced Manufacturing of Renewable and Recyclable Polymers.

In addition to his current pursuits, his research interests include Catalysis, Semiconductors Synthesis and Photochemistry, Green chemistry, Advanced oxidation processes for water treatment, Degradation mechanisms in wastewater treatment, Production, and the use of different radicals for the elimination of contaminants. Process intensification for water treatment processes, Activation of peroxide species for the elimination of pollutants, Organometallic chemistry.


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Universidad del Atlántico, 2015, Barranquilla, Colombia
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Universidad del Valle, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Selected Publications

  • Samir Fernando Castilla-Acevedo, Luis Andrés Betancourt-Buitrago, Dionysios Demetriou Dionysiou, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez. Ultraviolet light-mediated activation of persulfate for the degradation of cobalt cyanocomplexes. Journal of hazardous materials 392, 122389
  • Sergio Andrés Joven-Quintero, Samir Fernando Castilla-Acevedo, Luis Andrés Betancourt-Buitrago, Raúl Acosta-Herazo, Fiderman Machuca-Martinez. Photocatalytic degradation of cobalt cyanocomplexes in a novel LED photoreactor using TiO2 supported on borosilicate sheets: A new perspective for mining wastewater treatment. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 110, 104972
  • Nicolás González-Ipia, Kevin Camilo Bolaños-Chamorro, Jawer David Acuña-Bedoya, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez, Samir Fernando Castilla-Acevedo. Enhancement of the adsorption of hexacyanoferrate (III) ion on granular activated carbon by the addition of cations: A promissory application to mining wastewater treatment. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104336
  • JA Villota-Zuleta, JW Rodríguez-Acosta, SF Castilla-Acevedo, N Marriaga-Cabrales, F Machuca-Martínez. Experimental data on the photoelectrochemical oxidation of phenol: Analysis of pH, potential and initial concentration. Data in brief 24, 103949
  • Samir Fernando Castilla-Acevedo, Luis Andrés Betancourt-Buitrago, Dionysios Demetriou Dionysiou, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez. Dataset of the efficiency of the ultraviolet light activation of persulfate ion for the degradation of cobalt cyanocomplexes in synthetic mining wastewater. Data in brief 29, 105346
  • Valentina Satizabal-Gómez, Manuel Alejandro Collazos-Botero, Efraím A Serna-Galvis, Ricardo A Torres-Palma, Juan J Bravo-Suárez, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez, Samir Fernando Castilla-AcevedoEffect of the presence of inorganic ions and operational parameters on free cyanide degradation by ultraviolet C activation of persulfate in synthetic mining wastewater. Minerals Engineering 170, 107031
  • Héctor Ibargüen-López, Brian López-Balanta, Luis Betancourt-Buitrago, Efraím A Serna-Galvis, Ricardo A Torres-Palma, Fiderman Machuca-Martínez, Samir Fernando Castilla-AcevedoDegradation of hexacyanoferrate (III) ion by the coupling of the ultraviolet light and the activation of persulfate at basic pH. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (5), 106233
  • Carlos Eduardo Schnorr, Samir Castilla-AcevedoActivación de persulfato mediada por luz ultravioleta para la degradación de cianocomplejos de cobalto en aguas residuales de minería. Corporación Universidad de la Costa
  • Helen Marcela Gandara-Perez, Nelson Enrique Lubo-Hoyos, Samir Fernando Castilla-Acevedo, Fabio Armando Fuentes-Gandara. Data on the diagnosis of the management of the primary waste from electrical and electronic equipment in health care institutions in Barranquilla, Colombia. Data in brief 32, 106236